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Why growth-driven design?

The traditional web design process is risky. Without data and only assumptions, there's the risk of creating high complexity websites with no further validation resulting in high associated costs.

That's why Iku believes in web design that grows as your business grows. No need to wait months for your website either. At Iku, the first version of your website can be ready in just 45 days - it's a finished website, live, and aligned with your goals, ready to start gathering your real users' data. It simply is not perfect because there's no such thing as perfect - a website is an ongoing work.

The steps are simple: 1. Strategy; 2. Launchpad; 3. Continuous improvement.

This process allows us to make design decisions based on actual data and use this analysis to continue improving and refining your site through CRO - Conversion Optimization. Continuous enhancement is always optional so you can stay with your launchpad for as long as you need it until you're ready for the next step.

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Phase 1 - Your MVP website: the "launchpad"

Option A:


This budget-friendly option is perfect if you're just starting out and intend to validate most of your theories through your website.

 Completed in 60 days

 Strategy based on first assumptions and business goals

 Wireframes & Style Tiles 

 WordPress website 

Analytics & tracking setup to gather user data  

Option B:


Officially, the launchpad consists of the first implementation phase and it's the foundation for the rest of our growth-driven strategy.

 Completed in 45 days (priority list)

 Strategy based on assumptions and business goals

 User persona creation (ad-hoc or with user research)

 User journey mapping

 Sitemap & content strategy (IA)

 Wireframes & Style Tiles 

 WordPress website

Analytics & tracking setup to gather user data  

Phase 2 - Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

It's only possible to make informed design decisions with real data. Once the launchpad is online, our job is to test new theories and functionalities through monthly design sprints to optimize the user experience and conversions on the site.

 Flexible retainers from 6 months to 1 year

 Performance roadmap

 Action items & UX

 A/B Testing

Data analysis & Monthly reports

Monthly e-meetings

Some websites we've created: