UX & CRO for websites and landing pages.

Lead qualified traffic to a site that converts!

It is true that there's no use having a website if no one visits - hence the importance of marketing. But it's also useless to be sending highly-qualified traffic to a page or website that will not retain these users or convert them into customers!

Think of the metaphor of the bucket with holes. The solution is, of course, fix those holes, and maximize the return on what you've invested in marketing.

Nowadays, having a site that complies with the minimum usability principles is no longer optional. You can be sure that your customers will go to your competitors instead if they can't complete their goals on your site.

On the other hand, it's so much more than usability. A user's experience (UX) goes far beyond usability and that's why you need to be constantly studying and communicating with your users in order to achieve long-term success.

Here at Iku, we help align your users' needs with your business objectives through CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) so that everyone wins and your brand inspires confidence and trust.

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Website & LP Design

Iku, GDD certified agency by Hubspot, doesn't believe in creating a website and letting it be. We know that both user and business goals are constantly evolving and we need to optimize the experience for the best possible results.

WordPress Web Design

Growth-Driven Design

Growth retainer & CRO strategy

"mini-launchpad" from €1500 /flat fee (+info)

Website audits

A site can be evaluated by an expert at virtually any stage of the project, from a prototype to an existing site. We call this method "usability inspection". The sooner you fix a usability error, the less time and money you spend in the long run. However, if you are planning a redesign, we recommend you conduct an audit of your old site.

Expert Review - assessment based on heuristics, best practices, and evaluator's own expertise & experience.

Mini Review - landing page expert review, focused on usability and / or conversion opportunities according to best practices and campaign goal .

A/B Testing recommendations -All audits come with a list of recommendations to be tested.

mini reviews €90
(from €1500 for full expert reviews)


User Research & Usability Testing

Even applying all best practices, there's no replacement for testing your sites and pages with your real users. At Iku, the user is our main focus and we lead the whole process, from studying your type of audience to the test itself.

 Quantitative surveys

 User interviews (in person & online)

 User persona creation

 Remote Unmoderated Usability Testing

Remote Moderated Usability Testing

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UX & CRO Consultations and Workshops

Our consultants have years of experience in User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), making them the best people to train your team, even if your company is not UX mature or hasn't even started with user-centered design yet.

 Custom workshops (on demand)

UX Training (online or in person)

Design Thinking & User Centered Design Workshops

Team alignment Workshops & Staff training

Delivery workshops of CRO & Audits (online or in person)

1:1 Consultations

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